Art History Minor

The Minor in Art History is among the most popular minor programs at Kutztown University.

In addition to the major in Art History, the Department of Art and Art History offers a minor in Art History. This program is among the most popular minors at Kutztown University, particularly among students in the College of Visual and Performing Arts who find that our art history program complements their major. Other students are excited by the connections they find between art history and their major program of study in related fields, such as anthropology, history, and the humanities as a whole.

The minor is 18-credit hours. The program offers breadth through three introductory surveys, and more in-depth inquiry and skill development in two advanced level classes from diverse eras or regions (modern, pre-modern, non-western). Finally, there is an experiential learning requirement. All students must complete one internship, or study abroad to a locale rich in art traditions may also satisfy the experiential requirement. Each student in the minor program is assigned an advisor who is a member of the art history faculty.

Internships in Art History

Undergraduate students of art history have successfully completed internships in every kind of venue, from local arts organizations to highly renowned institutions, as well as numerous other local and regional museums, art galleries and artists’ studios.

» Art History Internships, Art History Faculty & B.A. in Art History

Minor Program

I. Courses in Concentration

The courses listed below are required

ARH024 or ARH124 -Art History A

ARH025 or ARH125 –Art History B

ARH026 or ARH126 –Art History C

II. Elective Courses

Select 6 credits of 300 level ARH courses

Pre-Modern/Nonwestern/Early Modern ARH: see current list of applicable courses**

Modern/Contemporary ARH: see current list of applicable courses**

III. Professional Experience

Select 3 Credits in an internship applicable to art history

ART 392: Field Experience in Art

* All course prerequisites must be met. Students majoring in one of the visual arts areas are required to take 124, 125 and 126; non-visual arts students may fulfill these requirements with 024, 025 and 026.

**ARH 339, 385 and/or 395 may also fulfill these requirements when appropriate and with instructor’s permission.