Studio Art Minor

The Studio Art Minor is intended for the students who want to add studio art experience to their undergraduate studies and advance their art knowledge and skills.

The Studio Art Minor may be especially appropriate for students with substantial interest in studio art, but who intend to pursue careers in other fields and for students intending on pursuing a master’s program in Art Therapy.

The Studio Art Minor offers introductory level courses in six specialization areas and sub-specialties. Study in these areas gives students a range of breadth in studio practice, analysis, and art history appropriate for multi and interdisciplinary study. Select upper level courses are available which allow students to study in depth in one or more specialization areas.

Studio Art Minor Program

I. Required Course

Select one the following courses:

FAR 014 Elements of Drawing for Non-Majors
FAR 061 Intro to Darkroom Photo for Non-Majors
FAR 062 Intro to Digital Photo for Non-Majors

II. Elective Courses

Minimum of six credits up to nine credits

Select at least two of the following courses (only one may be ARH):

FAR 016 Drawing II
FAR 111 Intro to Painting
FAR 131 Intro to Watercolor
FAR 141 Intro to Printmaking
FAR 151 Intro to Life Drawing
FAR 161 Intro to Photo/Darkroom *NOT if you’ve taken FAR 061
FAR 162 Intro to Photo/Digital *NOT if you’ve taken FAR 062
FAR 171 Intro to Sculpture
ART/FAR 182 Intro to Time-Based Media
ARH 024 or ARH 025 or ARH 026 or ARH 124 or ARH 125 or ARH 126

III. FAR OR FAS 200-300

Minimum of six credits up to nine credits

Select at least two Upper level Fine Art (FAR) OR Fine Art Studio (FAS) 200-300 level courses

Students in the B.F.A. programs for Studio Art, Applied Digital Arts, Crafts, and Communication Design, and B.S. candidates in Art Education are excluded from the Studio Art Minor program.